Coronavirus Precautions

We have adjusted our worship service to ensure that we follow CDC and other public health guidance for your safety. For those unable to join us in-person, we will continue to live stream the service from the Sanctuary on Facebook Live.

Worship Space

  • Our Buildings & Grounds team has arranged for deep cleaning of the worship space as we prepare for re-opening. 

  • Cleaning protocols are followed to ensure the cleanliness of the space for each service.

  • We are evaluating our HVAC system for additional filtration and to ensure that we are operating it in accordance with guidance from the US EPA.


In accordance with the Illinois Governor’s reopening plan, and the measures associated with Phase 5, there are no Covid-related capacity limits on our worship space. We have a capacity for about 100 worshippers, and our typical attendance (pre-Covid) was about 50.

What We Ask of You

  • All people must wear masks at all times while in the church.

  • During the “Passing of the Peace” we ask that people remain at their seats and not congregate in groups, hug, or shake hands.

  • We ask that when we sing the hymns and responses, please sing softly (at a normal speaking voice) to reduce the chance of transmitting any viruses.

  • On Communion Sundays, we will bless the elements, but people will return to their seats to partake of the elements.

  • We ask that people who are exhibiting symptoms of Covid (or any other contagious disease) not to worship until they are healthy again.