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Coronavirus Precautions

Covid-19 Prevention Strategy

Heritage Presbyterian Church is following CDC and Illinois Department of Health guidance for Coronavirus precautions. The CDC's three-tier Community Levels are 

Low (Green), Medium (Yellow) and High (Red).

HPC is in DuPage County. You can check the current community level and prevention steps using the tool below.

What We Ask of You

  • People must wear masks in the building when the CDC Covid Community Level is High.

  • When the CDC Covid Community Level is Low or Medium, masks are optional in the church building.

  • When masks are optional, please prayerfully consider whether you might continue to wear a mask as a way to lower the risk to others at the church who may be at higher risk of poor Covid-19 outcome or who are immune compromised.

  • During the “Passing of the Peace” we ask that people remain at their seats and not congregate in groups, hug, or shake hands.

  • We ask that when we sing the hymns and responses, please sing softly (at a normal speaking voice) to reduce the chance of transmitting any viruses.

  • On Communion Sundays, we will bless the elements, but people will return to their seats to partake of the elements.

  • We ask that people who are exhibiting symptoms of Covid (or any other contagious disease) not to worship until they are healthy again.

CDC Covid-19 Prevention Guidance - 2022-03-11.JPG
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