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Our Pastor

Reverend Sara K. Snowden


On May 2, 2022, the Reverend Sara K. Snowden became the Pastor for Heritage Presbyterian Church.


She describes herself as a lifelong learner, justice seeker, educator, knitting enthusiast, adequate cook, amateur photographer, follower of Christ, child of God.

In Sara's words: "My call to ministry came slowly and I ignored it for many years, choosing instead to relocate to Wilmington, embark on a new career, and help care for my aging grandparents. I married and joined a new church where I attempted to feed my call without actually going to seminary. Through mission trips, outreach projects, and even in session meetings, I learned relationship-building was much more important than fixing things. I nurtured that learning by volunteering for many years with Friendship House of Delaware at the Winter Sanctuary program hosted by First & Central.

I sat in my first seminary class in 2018, seventeen years after I first felt called to

ministry. God spoke in the classroom in ways I never imagined nor thought

possible, and I experienced both challenges to and confirmations of God’s call in my life. My eyes and my heart opened to new realities and new perspectives, and my understanding of God and myself grew richer and more complex."

Sara’s career path took her from being a middle school English teacher near

Houston, TX, to an external relations officer at an international development bank in Washington, DC, and a program manager in Wilmington, DE.

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