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While our student body may be small in numbers, we strive to provide instruction specific to age range. Two classes run through the regular school year that are offered prior to the worship service beginning at 9:00 am. We believe that our children participating in worship is important is important for young and old alike. The two classes offered at this time slot are:

  • Middle/High School Class: this class is currently using the XP3 curriculum from the Orange program.

  • Intermediate Class: this class is currently utilizing the ‘Big God, Big Questions’ program, offered as a pre-confirmation study.

For younger children, we offer a class that meets during worship. Students will join the congregation for the start of worship and then proceed to the classroom with their assigned teacher.

  • Primary Class: this class is currently using the Deep Blue Connects Program Material, ‘Loving God, Loving Neighbor’.

Deep Blue curriculum.jpeg


  • Pastor’s Preview: Sundays at 9:00 AM

Group Bible study is an important part of our Presbyterian roots. As we learn from one another we can also learn more about God and how God is revealed to each of us. All are welcome as we gather on Sunday mornings to engage with the sermon text, learning more about the history of the passage, exploring the passages surrounding the text, and sometimes looking at translation challenges between the original language and the English translation.

  • The Gathering: This group meets via Zoom and in person on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month, during the school year, beginning at 10:30 am. A variety of topics relating to faith development and understanding are offered. Past topics included John Ortberg’s video series on ‘The Soul’ and a discussion based on a video by Henri Nouwen regarding solitude.

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